Google Strikes Up A Patent Cross-Licensing Deal With Verizon |

Google Strikes Up A Patent Cross-Licensing Deal With Verizon

While the two companies did not divulge on any details, the move is a clear hedge against patent trolls


Google has entered a long-term patent cross-licensing agreement with US telecom giant Verizon, that covers a broad range of products and technologies. The move is aimed at reducing the risk of future patent litigation between the two firms, and is a clear hedge against patent trolls.

While neither side shared what products and technology patents they've agreed to share, there's a big chance that the agreement revolves around mobile. Google could better defend itself in lawsuits over wireless technology in Android, while Verizon will receive protection when it comes to software related issues.

Moreover, the move is resonant of Google's new strategy to strike up deals with smartphone manufacturers to share IP, helping both parties borrow tech and defend themselves in lawsuits. It seems that the Internet giant is now taking a similar approach with American carriers, widening its security net.

“We're pleased to enter into this agreement with an industry leader like Verizon, and we welcome discussions with any company interested in a similar arrangement," said Kirk Dailey, Head of Patent Transactions at Google.

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