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LG To Soon Unveil 4K LCD TVs Using Quantum Dots Tech

The new range of TVs will sit between its existing UHD LCD and OLED models


LG truly believes that OLEDs are the future of display technology, but even with prices rapidly dropping they're still out of the reach of most users. The company has now announced that it will launch a new range of LCD TVs utilizing quantum dot technology to sit between its Ultra HD LCD and OLED models.

Sony has already been using the technology on its high-end televisions and Samsung too may soon begin offering LCD models with quantum dots. The technology works by using nanocrystals varying in size from 2nm to 10nm that show different colors depending on their size, and are laid in a film over a regular IPS LCD display.

LG says the quantum dot tech equipped TVs will be available in 55-inch and 65-inch versions at first, and will push up adoption of 4K televisions among users. The new line will improve upon tried and tested LCD technology and will fill in the gap created when the company phased out Plasma televisions.

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