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LG Will Launch A Single Flagship Smartphone In 2015

The company will give its G Pro line the boot, as it looks to focus on making fewer devices next year


LG is apparently preparing to overhaul its smartphone business, following the lead of giants Samsung and Sony in reducing the number of models it produces. According to South Korean news website heraldcorp.com, LG will launch a single flagship device in 2015, as opposed to two devices like it has done in the past.

The report states that the company will give the G Pro line of devices the boot in 2015, consolidating its efforts to building the upcoming G4. The news comes despite the company's great performance in 2014, but obviously the guys over at LG think there's a lot they can do to make things even better.

The biggest reason for ditching the G Pro line is due to the lack of differentiation between the G3 and G Pro 2 smartphones launched this year. The biggest differentiators between the two lines has been display size, but the G3's 5.5-inch and the G Pro 2's 5.9-inch screens are apparently not all that different.

Further, the company went on to launch lower cost versions of its flagship G3 in the form of the G3 S and the G3 Stylus. If the report is entirely true, even those models could get the boot next year, with the company diverting all its focus on making just one flagship for the entire year.

Despite all its consolidation efforts, LG could still find itself in soup if Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon 810 chip actually gets delayed. While the chip making giant says the processors will go into production on time, there's a plethora of things that will make watching the smartphone space next year very interesting.

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