YouTube Is Offering Creators Bonuses To Keep Them Away From Rivals: WSJ |

YouTube Is Offering Creators Bonuses To Keep Them Away From Rivals: WSJ

The Google service's biggest threats are supposedly Facebook Inc. and a startup called Vessel


Google is apparently dumping bags of money at YouTube stars, in an attempt to keep them from signing exclusive deals with competing platforms. According to WSJ, Facebook Inc. and a video startup called Vessel have tried to lure YouTube creators to their own services, causing a mad rush over at Google.

The report adds that Google is offering some of its top videomakers bonuses to sign a multi-year deal in which they agree to post content on YouTube for a time before putting it on rival services. Sources say that the bonuses will be tied to how well the videos perform, but Google is offering a wide range of offers to keep its rivals from stealing its stars.

Vessel, a startup founded by former Hulu Chief Executive Jason Kilar, is supposedly the biggest cause of concern for the folks over at YouTube. The company recently raised $75 million in funding, and has been particularly aggressive at courting YouTube stars in anticipation of its planned launch before the end of this year.

A few unnamed YouTube creators WSJ spoke to said that Vessel was offering incredibly attractive packages. Moreover, the company is approaching artists to post videos exclusively on its platform for up to three days, before uploading them onto rival services like YouTube. Vessel is going to follow a subscription model, and hopes that having exclusive content will draw in users.

It's interesting to see upstarts posing a threat to the behemoth that YouTube is, but it's also forcing Google to change the way it keeps the creators of popular content glued to its service. Star retention is of utmost importance to YouTube right now, given even it is planning to start its own subscription service in the coming months.

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