Mark Zuckerberg Hits Back At Tim Cook's Criticism |

Mark Zuckerberg Hits Back At Tim Cook's Criticism

The Facebook CEO defended his company's ad-based revenue model, after Tim Cook called it a "ridiculous concept"


Earlier this year tech behemoth Apple criticized the ad-driven revenue models its rivals Google and Facebook follow, bolstering its image as a company that does not sell customer data to advertisers. Mark Zuckerberg - the 30-year old founder of Facebook - has slammed back, hinting that Apple is no angelic figure in the tech space.

“When an online service is free, you’re not the customer. You’re the product,” Cook had stated at the time. He went on to call the revenue models followed by Apple's competitors a “ridiculous concept”, at a time when the issue of online data security and privacy had become widely talked about by the press.

Speaking to Time magazine, Zuckerberg stated: “Our mission is to connect every person in the world. You don’t do that by having a service people pay for.” He also lashed out at the statement made by Tim Cook by questioning readers whether they felt aligned with Apple just because they were paying the company.

“If you were in alignment with them, then they’d make their products a lot cheaper,” added Zuckerberg.

Facebook's recent push to grow revenues generated by ads has been received negatively by a lot of the service's users. However, the company hopes to make its offerings compelling enough to retain users, providing sort of a tradeoff to users for sharing their information with advertisers.

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