Telegram Gets Material Design Makeover; Adds Self-Destructing Accounts |

Telegram Gets Material Design Makeover; Adds Self-Destructing Accounts

Meanwhile... WhatsApp gets rounded corners for display pictures.


While we all wait for WhatsApp to change its Android app’s UX to something new (if not Material Design themed), other messengers seem to be taking major leaps ahead both in terms of UX design and features. One of them includes a rather understated instant messaging platform called Telegram that with its newest update already made the switch to Google’s all-new Material Design.

The updated app comes with a refreshed look and feel and is loaded with transitions and animations all over the place. The UI sticks to Google’s Material Design guidelines and looks simple and clean while adding a lot more colour and an initials for all those blank display pictures.

In terms of features there are a ton of them added to v 2.0.1 of the app. You now have the ability to choose who can see your “Last Seen” time. The Telegram team decided to be extra generous and even add a whole of options including “exceptions” that include a special list where you can add or remove users from. Also introduced in this version of the app are self-destructing accounts. You do have to keep in mind that with Telegram, groups, messages and contacts are stored on Telegrams servers and not locally like on WhatsApp. So in case you temporarily open an account, you can set it to self-destruct in a month, 3 months, half a year or even after a whole year with no traces left behind (creepy).

Lastly, the update will also let you search through your messages stored on the cloud; a feature that works across the all groups, chats and contacts.

Sadly even with all of these features Telegram is finding it hard to find users. With lazy WhatsApp ruling the messaging scene worldwide, other messaging apps including BBM, Hike are working hard to deliver something new. Still then, thanks to WhatsApp’s monopoly and users who do not have the time nor the patience to move to another platform, even all of these new features seem to reap no benefits.

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