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Facebook Launches New Groups App For iOS And Android

For those who would like to skip on the daily News Feed clutter.


Facebook has begun rolling out its new Facebook Groups app. The app focuses on just one of the features of the social network -- groups. Basically, you get an app where you can comment, join, create and be notified of activities that happen in all those Facebook groups that you are a part of.

Facebook clearly has two objectives with Groups. Firstly, it can brings back all those users who probably strayed away to Google+ (a place that focuses on proper news feeds rather than keeping track of where your friend is having lunch). Facebook Groups segregates it service and gives you a place where you can keep track of your groups and the news that's emanating from them. No more going through the daily News Feed clutter means that there will be purists who will actually come back and use the social network (via the app of course) for things (or causes) that actually make sense.

Secondly, Facebook Groups allows Facebook users to create groups pretty quickly. You just tap create, select a type of group and invite people straight from your phone. Clearly, the number of Facebook groups is going to double in number just because it is now so easy to make and set one up.

While the Messenger app was the first move, we will indeed be seeing more apps coming from Facebook built with a similar thought. Facebook seems to be doing a test run though, as groups has not been separated from the Facebook app just yet.

The app is available for Android and iOS and has been developed by Facebook Creative Labs.

Name: Facebook Groups
Publisher: Facebook, Inc.
Platform: Android, iOS
Size: Varies with device, 54 MB
Download: Play Store, iTunes

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