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Facebook Messenger Update For Windows Phone Adds SMS Support

As always Facebook promises to make the app faster with every update as well.


Facebook has finally rolled out another update for its Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone. An app that never seems to get faster or efficient no matter what the company does to it. Well, this time around things do change a bit and there are a couple of new features as well. The first one adds the ability to send an SMS via your Messenger app, while the second adds a handy image editor for editing images on the fly.

Firstly, we have People contacts sync that will allow you to sync all the people on your People app to your Messenger by simply tapping on People within the app. This means that with the new SMS feature, you will be able to directly send an SMS even if your friend is not on the Messenger app.

The second one is pretty nifty and basically adds a photo editor to the messenger. Now when you tap to add or send an image, the app will prompt you to edit the image before sending. The editor is pretty basic and allows you to add text or doodles over images from your Photos or the one you just clicked via the in-app viewfinder.

All-in-all a pretty handy update that brings something new to your messaging experience. The only issue still remains the buggy action centre, which quite a number of times failed to show us the new message notifications. Even when the app is running in the background and draining the battery all the time.


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