Oculus CEO Says A Consumer Versions Of Its Rift Headset Is 'Months' Away

While that's still a very vague timeline, Oculus just piled a whole lot more pressure on rival Sony


Virtual Reality will soon become a reality for everyone, and heading that cause is Oculus VR, the company social networking giant Facebook recently snatched up. It's no wonder then that Brendan Iribe's (CEO of Oculus VR) statement of a consumer version of the Rift headset being “months, not years away” has kicked up such a storm.

Oculus has been working on its VR headset for years now, and the device has gone through several iterations including two developer editions. There's been a lot of anticipation and speculation in the market, but Iribe's statement is the first time someone has come close to putting a timeline on how soon we could see these devices on the market.

However, he did go on to clarify that it would be 'many months' before a full fledged consumer launch, indicating that the wait is not fully over. The biggest cause of delay at the moment is the lack of a suitable input device, as gamepads, keyboards and mice aren't right for a truly immersive experience.

The company's efforts to nail the controller have been boosted, but its recent acquisition of Carbon Design, who're engaging in building a VR-specific solution. Apart from this, Iribe also cautioned rivals not to rush into the market without extensively testing the device, as motion sickness and disorientation are two real problems wearers could face.

While he didn't mention it, that was clearly targeted at Sony, who have shown significant progress when it comes to cooking up their own VR headset. Overall, we still don't know when exactly we'll have a consumer version of the Rift out on the market, but it wouldn't be wrong to expect to see something from Oculus in late 2015 to early 2016.

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