India Has The Potential To Become Xiaomi's Second-Largest Global Market |

India Has The Potential To Become Xiaomi's Second-Largest Global Market

The Chinese firm is aiming to make available 1 lakh devices for sale every week, within the next few weeks


In a short span of just four years, Xiaomi has grown to become the largest smartphone vendor in its home market of China, displacing giant Samsung in the process. The company's growth story in India is no different, with sales clocking in at over 4 lakh units since July, despite an acute shortage in stocks and numerous security scares.

Hugo Barra, Vice President at Xiaomi, believes that the India has the potential to become the company's largest market outside of China. "There's no doubt in my mind that India as a market has the potential to be our second-largest market worldwide and a significant contributor to our global shipments," he said, according to ET.

Xiaomi's success in India comes on the back of a severe media bashing - first for malfunctioning devices, then the lack of service centers and finally the recent IAF fiasco. The company has been instrumental in addressing all user qualms, promising to setup more service centers, and even a local storage facility to safeguard user data.

The biggest shortcoming of Xiaomi in the Indian market however, is the lack of steady smartphone shipments making their way to the country. "We are still working to meet our goal of having 100,000 units steadily available every week," said Barra.

While the company has struggled with production and logistic-related issues, it hopes to hit the required shipment volumes in the coming weeks. So far the company has released the Mi3 and Redmi 1S in India, but plans to expand its lineup with the Redmi Note, Mi4 and MiPad in the coming months.

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