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Lenovo's Smartband Activity Tracker Will Automatically Unlock Your PC

Apart from the proximity-based sign-in feature, not much else sets the device apart from the competition


Lenovo recently announced (then unannounced) its entry into the wearable space with Smartband, an activity tracker that monitors your heart-rate, steps taken and even shows phone notifications. While that doesn't sound too exciting, the company's fitness band may have a trick up its sleeve – it will unlock your PC when you're nearby.

That should be quite a handy feature for those who hate entering passwords, but still need to safeguard stored data from the prying eyes of friends and foes. Given that Lenovo's Smartband is a activity tracker that encourages you to wear it all day long, it should be the perfect device to automatically unlock your PC every time you get near it.

According to an Engadget report, the company had listed the Smartband on its official website (has been taken down), giving out a whole host of details including the proximity-based sign-in function. However, it isn't clear when you'll be able to get the device on your wrist, as the company hasn't yet announced when the device will go on sale.

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