#Upcoming: PLUGGED IN Consumer Electronics Show In Bangalore

The event will showcase some of the latest digital technologies and break through innovations of the world


Come November, Bangalore will be host to PlUGGED IN, a consumer electronics event that will showcase some of the latest digital technologies and break through innovations. Show-goers will be treated to an experience in comparing, evaluating and will even get the chance of owning devices built using the best of technologies.

The show will be divided into different zones for visitors to explore and experience the latest ideas the technology world has to offer. The audience will also have the chance to win daily and hourly prices by taking part in a host of games and competitions.

PLUGGED IN will also be host to programs where manufacturers will be allowed to launch devices and deliver keynote presentations to audiences. There will be a dedicated gaming section that will allow users to engage in PC, console and even mobile and tablet gaming. Another innovative venue at the show will allow visitors and budding developers show off prototypes or concepts of their apps.

The first day of the three day long PLUGGED IN event will overlap with the CeBit India trade show, giving business heads open access to the end consumer. From a business perspective, brands will be able to directly communicate with tech-savvy buyers that dictate the future of the technology industry in India.

Disclaimer: TechTree is a media partner of PLUGGED IN

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