FitBit's Upcoming Surge Is A $249 Activity Tracker With Built-In GPS |

FitBit's Upcoming Surge Is A $249 Activity Tracker With Built-In GPS

While the device looks a lot like a smartwatch, it won't be rivaling Android Wear or the Apple Watch


FitBit is all-set to launch three new fitness trackers in the coming weeks, and while two of those will be updated versions of the company's current crop of devices, the third wearable should be a flagship device called the Surge.

According to a Verge report, the Surge is what FitBit is calling a “superwatch” with built-in GPS tracking and TruePulse heart-rate monitoring. The device will provide wearers with real-time workout and other activity data, such as distance, pace, elevation climbed, heart rate intensity, and so on.

Leaked marketing material suggests that the device will cost $249, similar to smartwatches from more mainstream electronics manufacturers, but the Surge isn't a smartwatch. It is essentially a glorified fitness tracker, probably aimed at athletes, and will not go up against Android Wear and the Apple Watch.

The Surge will carry on FitBit's 24/7 activity tracking abilities, and will wirelessly sync all the data to the FitBit app on your smartphone. Users will be able to make sense of all that logged data with metrics such as calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. There's also that brilliant FitBit sleep tracker and vibrating alarm.

Notifications, which seem to be a huge part of pretty much ever smartwatch out there will be restricted only to phone calls and texts. You'll also be able to control music playback right from your wrist, but that should be pretty much it. While the specs of the device have leaked in all their glory, there's no exact launch date yet.

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