Carl Zeiss Showcases Its $99 Virtual Reality Headset

Like Samsung's Gear VR, the device will be powered by the user's smartphone, but isn't locked to any one device


Virtual reality has been positioned as the “next-big-thing” in the tech world, and while this revolution hasn't kicked off just yet, consumers could soon be spoiled for choice. Carl Zeiss is the latest entrant into the emerging segment - after Oculus, Google and Samsung - and has shown off its VR One, a $99 headset for smartphone users.

The concept of the VR One is very similar to that of Samsung's Gear VR – a phone powering a virtual reality headset, utilizing the screen, processing power and plethora of its sensors. Unlike the Gear VR however, Carl Zeiss' device will support devices from multiple manufacturers, working with any smartphone between 4.7-inch and 5.2-inch.

Users can already pre-order the VR One of Carl Zeiss' official website, however, in order to make any phone work with the device, buyers will have to shell out an additional $9.90 for drawers specific to their phone. The company has said that the first consignment of the device will begin shipping in Christmas this year, and will fully go on sale only next year.

A huge part of a VR headset's quality is its optics, so with Carl Zeiss handling that bit of it, the VR One is sure to produce some great 3D visuals. The other part will be dependent on the quality of the smartphone screen, and as Oculus has shown us with the Rift 2, a 720 display is adequate to provide an awesome immersive experience.

Carl Zeiss is also taking suggestions from prospective buyers for what phones should be supported by its VR One. There won't be any change to the main hardware of the headset when using different phones, just the drawer that holds the smartphone in place will differ.

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