Motorola's 6-inch Smartphone Appears In An FCC Filing |

Motorola's 6-inch Smartphone Appears In An FCC Filing

Even more proof that Motorola is building the next Google Nexus smartphone


Word has it that Motorola is building a Nexus smartphone for Google this year, and there's some new proof that potentially backs up this theory. A Motorola smartphone with a 6-inch screen has been spotted in an FCC (US regulator) filing, that even comes with support for AT&T and T-Mobile wireless bands.

While there's nothing to prove that the device is indeed the Nexus 6 (if it will actually be called that), the screen size described is in-line with that of previous rumors. The timing of the device's arrival at the FCC is the other big giveaway, as just a few days ago the Moto “Shamu” (codename) was spotted on Geekbench's database.

A leaked photo of the purported Nexus 6 showed that the device shared its design with the recently launched Moto X smartphone. The biggest difference will be the 6-inch display and of course the software which will come directly from Google rather than being routed through Motorola.

With Google and Motorola collaborating in shaping the future of Android smartphones, we can't help but wonder that the Nexus line will receive many of the features that make the Moto X such a great device. Android L will be the other half of the software story, and as always it is expected that Google will roll it out alongside the Nexus 6.

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