Why We're Disappointed With Flipkart's Big Billion Day Sale

Flipkart is offering great offers that don't exist and have marked up prices to make discounts look attractive


Flipkart's 'Big Billion Day' sale has kicked off the festive season buying frenzy in style, but after an ad blitz that promised us so much, we're a bit disappointed at the way things have turned out. In all likelihood, every great deal you saw advertised in today's newspaper is no longer available, and some were just lies to begin with.

Take for example the the offer on the Canon EOS 1200D DSLR, which was marked down from its supposed MRP of Rs 31,995 to just Rs 17,500. A quick trip to the Canon DSLR section reveals that the product isn't even offered on the site, and the lowest offer on the 1200D was for Rs 26,500, bundled along with two kit lenses.

Many customers have taken to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, voicing their experience of how Flipkart has bumped up the cost of products, which are now being sold at attractive discounted rates. Mission Sharing Knowledge has even put together a nice compilation of how product prices fell and then rose prior to the sale.

Following Flipkart, even rival Snapdeal has outed its own limited period sale, and while we couldn't find too many discrepancies with the claimed price and selling price, we did find it hard to keep up with the speed at which the products were getting sold out.

It's evident that all e-commerce players are looking at ways to get more customers comfortable with shopping online, and the best way to do that is to drop prices. It's a great tactic when executed well, but given the wildfire tendencies of the Internet, any malpractice was bound to get on everyone's nerves.

Online retailers have clearly taken a play out of offline retail books, marking up the prices of products in order to make the discounts look more attractive. The move however seems to be earning India's largest e-commerce site more negative reviews on popular social networks, and we're not pleased to see Flipkart trying to pull such quick ones on us.

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