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Microsoft Skips Version 9, Announces Windows 10

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The most popular computer operating system has just got another iteration. As expected, Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Operating Systems at Microsoft, took the stage in Sans Francisco to announce the upcoming version of Windows. What we didn't expect was its name. For over last few weeks, 'Captain Obvious' journalists were making claims that the new OS will be called Windows 9. However, for some reasons, software-behemoth decided to skip version 9 and announced Windows 10 instead.

Microsoft's official blog states that the world today is very different from the one in which Windows grew up. Microsoft's dominates the corporate market where people need productive software and devices. At the same time, it's struggling to crack the consumer mass market with its smartphone efforts. To deliver consistent experience broad set of devices. This could be anything from low-end 4-inch Nokia Lumia to huge tabletop computers.

Apart from UI constancy, the company is boasting that Windows 10 will make things easier for developers. Coders will be able to write and publish universal apps and target the entire family of Windows devices. The Store updates and purchases will be also uniform across all the devices. This explains why Microsoft is dropping the word "Phone" from Windows Phone branding. Now, irrespective of the device type, Microsoft's new operating system will be simply called Windows 10. In earlier naming scheme, it would have been Windows 10 for computers, Windows RT for tablets, and Windows Phone 10 for handsets.

Windows 10 packs in a lot of improvements over number 8. The most important being the return of the familiar Start Menu. Other noteworthy changes are the ability to run touch-optimised (metro) apps in windowed-mode and ability to add multiple desktops (much like Android homescreens).

For PC enthusiasts, Microsoft has introduced a Windows Insider Program. Those who sign-up for this program will will receive a steady stream of early builds of Windows 10. Since it's a pre-release software, the OS will have rough edges. Based on the user feedback, Microsoft is planning to fine tune the experience by the time it's launched for consumers in 2015.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview will be available for download within next 24 hours. Those interested in giving it a try, should head over to Till then, let Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems, familiarise you with Windows 10 in this 4 minute video:

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