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Leaked: LG's Upcoming Smartwatch Might Feature 3G Connectivity

First square, then round and now standalone data connectivity. Any guesses on what's next?


LG seems to be gearing up to launch an all-new smartwatch in the US market - other than its round G Watch R – that will feature support for 3G CDMA network connectivity. An oval watch face referred to as LG-VC100 was recently discovered in an FCC document, confirming that LG is in fact working on a Samsung Gear S competitor.
According to 9to5Google, the device in question will support 3G network connectivity, meaning it won't need to be teathered to a smartphone for a data connection. The filing specifically mentions CDMA connectivity, but since only two major US carriers use the technology, it's safe to expect LG is working on a GSM version too.
Other than the new mode of connectivity, not much is known about the hardware or software of the LG-VC100. The report adds that it is even unclear if the device will run on Google's Android Wear platform, however, given LG's close ties with American software giant, it most likely will be.
The FCC documents don't say much in terms of when the smartwatch could make its way to store shelves, and given that the G Watch R isn't even out yet, it could be a while before we get to see the device. The only thing that's certain is that LG is willing to try everything until it finds a 'winning formula' for smartwatches, which is pretty much what every manufacturer is doing at this point of time.

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