Apple Says Only Nine Customers Have Complained About Bent iPhones |

Apple Says Only Nine Customers Have Complained About Bent iPhones

The flames of mysteriously warping iPhones has just been doused, still don't expect the trolls to stop


As reports of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus losing shape continue to accumulate, Apple issued a response on Thursday stating that just 'nine owners' had been affected by the issue so far. The company also defended itself by detailing the stress rigors its new iPhones go through before being shipped to customers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company said the bending cases were extremely rare, and went on to describe the five-step endurance test the new iPhones have to endure. WSJ revealed details of a few steps, such as the “pressure point cycling test” and the “sit test”, which are most relevant when it comes to Bendgate.

The company added that the new iPhones are made of a "a custom grade of anodized aluminum" and have stainless steel and aluminum inserts in order to improve their rigidity. Apple hasn't hinted that the problem could be linked to a design flaw, but it just goes to show how the Internet can blow things out of proportion.

Apple's stock has taken a tumble following Bendgate and issues users are facing with iOS 8 – for which the company has apologized to customers. Even manufacturers like Samsung and LG got in on the Apple-bashing action, which seems quite stupid now that we know only nine devices were actually showed signs of warpage.

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