Samsung Outs A Handy Power Sharing Cable For The US Market |

Samsung Outs A Handy Power Sharing Cable For The US Market

Can transfer all the power you need from one Samsung device to right about anything else.


Samsung has launched a pretty neat and handy product in the form of a simple cable called the Power Sharing Cable. The easy to use cable simply connects between Samsung devices to share and transfer power, just in case you happen to be running short on any one of them.

What’s cooler is that you can transfer power from a Samsung device to right about any micro USB compatible device as well, be it another smartphone, a smartwatch or even a wristband that’s running short on juice.

The charger is easy to use and will only need an app to enable the charger mode. The app is important as it will enable your device to charge another device. What you have to decide on with help from the app, is how much of your smartphone’s battery your want to empty to charge the smartwatch that is running low on power.

The cable works even without having an app installed but this will in all probability work only with the newer range of Samsung devices. The charging cable also comes with arrow indicators on both ends to help you understand whether your device is receiving power or giving it away.

The app called the Samsung Power Sharing app is currently downloadable just for the GALAXY S5 from the Play Store, hopefully more devices will be added to that list soon. The Samsung Power Sharing Cable is currently available only in the US for a price tag of 19.99 USD (approx. 1218 INR) and you can share power from the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Avant, Galaxy Note 4 devices.

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