The Upcoming Version Of Microsoft's OS Should Be Called "Windows 9" |

The Upcoming Version Of Microsoft's OS Should Be Called "Windows 9"

Though Microsoft has backtracked and tried to cover up the slip-up, everyone's pretty certain it's going to be called Windows 9


If you though Microsoft was going to call the next big Windows release something other than “Windows 9”, they're not. A slip up by Alan Crozier, President of Microsoft France, confirms that the company will stick to its current nomenclature, despite the big re-branding measures that are expected to take effect soon.

According to a TechCrunch, in a speech to employees, Crozier clearly calls the next version of the operating system “Windows 9”. Responding to media queries, Microsoft has done the usual and not answered the question, but in their statement to French media, they did say something to the effect of “there is no name yet!”

While Microsoft's response was expected, it's highly unlikely that Crozier didn't know what he was talking about, which the company is trying to make it seem like. In all likelihood, the upcoming version of Windows will in fact be called Windows 9, and if reports are to be believed, even the next version of Windows Phone could be called the same.

With a massive re-branding effort taking place at the company, it's a given that Microsoft was going to drop the 'Nokia' name from its smartphone line, and that could happen soon. The company will also supposedly drop the 'Phone' from 'Windows Phone' bringing it closer (in name) to its flagship desktop operating system.

All this is assuming that Windows 9 isn't the shape shifting OS that runs on desktops, tablets and PCs, that we were made to believe earlier.

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