Sony's Smart Eyewear Will Ship To Developers By March 2015

While the device will go head to head with Google Glass, Sony's hardware will be quite different, but still dorky looking


Smartwatches are currently taking center stage in the wearable space, but it's devices like Google's Glass that are set to define the future of the industry. So far we haven't seen any traditional hardware manufacturers venture into the space, but Sony plans change that with the developer release of its SmartEye glass in March.

For starters, Sony has gone down a completely different route when it comes to building smart glasses, but retains a dorky (though completely different) design. The company has released a software development kit for its headset, and promises to have hardware developer kits out by March 2015.

The SmartEye glasses are packed with sensors - an accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, ambient light sensor and a 3MP camera. Other than the design, there are a few key differences between Sony's SmartEye headset and Google's Glass – an external battery pack and a green monochrome display.

Unlike Google Glass, Sony's HUD will allow the overlay of information directly over a user's general view rather than restricted to a small portion of what they say. The display technologies used by the two companies are also widely different, though its too early to tell who's will win out in the end.

SmartEye glasses will pair to a regular android handset, displaying useful information such as navigation directions, to the wearer. Apart from having developers build apps for its headset, Sony is also looking to recruit augmented reality developers, in order to truly build a platform that ushers in the future of wearables.

It's great to see Sony, as opposed to manufacturers like Samsung and LG, sinking their teeth into smart headsets and other future technologies. For a company that recently said it will work to innovate new technologies rather than just embrace them, the SmartEye glasses seem to be a great start in the right direction.

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