Google's New Tech Will Let You To Load Websites While Offline |

Google's New Tech Will Let You To Load Websites While Offline

The Service Workers browser standard will allow websites to store data locally


Google is working on ways to allow users to load interactive web pages on their devices even when they're in areas where there isn't any network coverage. The new technology is called 'Service Workers' and is a browser standard that allows websites to store data locally, allowing users to render interactive web content while being offline.

Think of a situation where you enter a website but you're in a place with bad network coverage, like a lift. Normally you're treated to a good old 404 error page, but with Google's tech you'd be served up with an older version of the site which was saved on your device when you visited it the previous time.

The development further bridges the gap between apps and web pages, and works very similarly to how apps store cached pages and other content. Speaking about Service Workers at a conference in New York, Alex Russell, a software engineer at Google said, "We want to load something instead of nothing."

While the ultimate goal of the technology is to allow users to access websites even while they're offline, there are a few other upsides, especially when it comes to speeding up browsing. Because the standard stores data locally, web pages will load far quicker than they do right now.

The web interface or any other element saved locally on your device will show up immediately, while the browser continues to update new content. For example, you won't have to wait for large images to load in order to access all the other information on a page and interact with it.

Service Workers is still under development, and it will be a while before Google can implement it across all web browsers, making for an app like web experience.

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