Microsoft Lets Go Of 2,100 More Employees In The Latest Round Of Layoffs |

Microsoft Lets Go Of 2,100 More Employees In The Latest Round Of Layoffs

The company is getting awfully close to its goal of reducing headcount by 18,000, with the toll currently standing at about 13,000


Software giant Microsoft has confirmed that 2,100 more employees will be let go as part of its latest round of layoffs, taking the toll up to about 13,000 since the exodus began. Previously most of the employees that lost their jobs were from Nokia's handset division, but this time around the company seems to have made cuts from within.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft laid off 747 employees in Washington and a further 160 in California – out of which 50 people made up the company's Silicon Valley Research arm, that has been shuttered completely. Another 5,000 odd employees are expected to be let go in the coming months, until the job losses at Microsoft amount to 18,000.

In a fight to reinvent itself, the company is taking the harder route of cutting positions that were made redundant with the acquisition of Nokia's handset division. While the brunt of the layoffs have been taken by the new handset arm, Microsoft has also used made deep cuts within, shuttering entire divisions like its Xbox Studios.

By the end of this painful process, Microsoft hopes to emerge a much nimbler firm, with a better chance of competing with rivals Apple, Google and Samsung. In a certain sense, the company's recently appointed CEO, Satya Nadella, is here to clean up the mess his predecessor left him with, a big part of which was ailing handset manufacturer Nokia.

Nadella summed it up by saying he would like to see "fewer layers of management, both top down and sideways, to accelerate the flow of information and decision making."

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