After Google X Comes Google Y To Look After Humanity’s Bigger Challenges |

After Google X Comes Google Y To Look After Humanity’s Bigger Challenges

Broader thinking is the reason why Google is always ahead of everyone else.


Google CEO Larry Page is thinking big, and when Google thinks big, they often end up with something that most people clearly know was never going to be possible. Just like Google X lab’s Google Glass, the CEO is making some big plans for Google 2.0, a project that was started a year ago reports The Information.

Google 2.0 will gradually evolve into Google Y, a second facility that will look into the bigger challenges facing humanity other than self-driving cars and balloon-carried internet. This would include massive plans most of which come from Page’s desire to build efficient airports and better cities.

Off course this is Google, and with Google nothing can ever be too big, too expensive or unachievable for that matter (though we have yet to hear about Project Ara). One of the Google 2.0’s goals that Page revealed was precise location tracking.

Page wants to make location tracking precise to inches, something that he feels can even be used to determine what products are located in which area of a store; giving store owners the ability to provide information about products to customers as they walk through.

Shocking? Yes. But one would also give Google a few points for thinking out of the box. Privacy freaks would be worried, but then again, they would not using Google’s services to begin with. 


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