Moto X Buyers In The UK Will Have Access To The Moto Maker Tool |

Moto X Buyers In The UK Will Have Access To The Moto Maker Tool

Since Moto Maker has now crossed the Atlantic, how long before it makes it way to India?


The original Moto X offered quite a lot for its price, but one of its biggest attractions was kept far from the clutches of buyers outside the US – the Moto Maker tool. Now with the second iteration of its flagship phone, Motorola has opened up its device customization tool to buyers in the UK, giving us hope that other markets could follow suit.

Like in India, the second-gen Moto X won't go on sale in the UK until the end of September, but prospective buyers can now have a go at customizing their devices on the Moto Maker tool. While UK buyers will be able to order custom Moto Xs, it isn't clear how the company will manage to ship the devices quickly.

In the US, the company's factory in Texas was dedicated to assembling the flagship device, while the components were manufactured in China. Bringing its Moto Maker tool to markets outside the US, the company will have to manage international shipping of individual devices.

There are various ways Moto X buyers can spec out their devices. There's a choice of plastic, wood and leather backs, each coming in multiple shades. The face of the device can be had in either black or white, and even the headphone/speaker grilles and metal rim around the Moto logo can be customized.

Apart from this users can choose between a 16GB or 32GB variant, get names engraved on the back and even pick between a white or black charger. All this does sound tantalizing, but for Motorola to introduce the Moto Maker tool in India, there's one particularly big hurdle, the company's exclusive retail partner Flipkart.

Since Motorola isn't present in the country independently in terms of sales, even if the Moto Maker tool does make its way to the country, sales will have to be routed through Flipkart. Alas, even if we can't spec out our Moto Xs back in India, like the last time around we're sure to see various versions of the device going on sale catering to everyone's taste.

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