Apple Finally Turns On Two-Factor Authentication For iCloud Backups |

Apple Finally Turns On Two-Factor Authentication For iCloud Backups

The extra layer of security should hopefully deter another Celebgate hack


Following the recent hack of hundreds of celebrity iCloud accounts, Apple has now turned on two-factor authentication for its device data backup service. While the company did clarify that iCloud security wasn't breached in any way, it is widely believed that the hack could have been deterred if the service mandated two-factor authentication earlier.

Without the security feature enabled, anyone who gets your password can reset it and will have full access to any stored data. It isn't particularly hard for hackers to get their hands on your password either; there are several tools at their disposal to easily pull such data. This method of attack is what probably led to the celebrity iCloud accounts being hacked.

Two-factor authentication on the other hand safeguards users from such attacks, as hackers will need physical access to one of your trusted devices to obtain the four-digit code to get in. While Microsoft has made it mandatory for users to choose two-factor authentication and Google clearly offers it as an option, Apple however lacked it up until now.

Another security feature Apple has turned on will tell users when their accounts have been accessed, with which users can instantly identify if someone had gained unauthorized access to their iCloud accounts. Now that the company has unveiled Apple Pay, its of paramount importance that the company makes sure users can protect their data from increasingly complex attacks.

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