The Android Play Store Will Soon Get The Material Design Treatment

In the run up to the launch of Android L, the update will bring the Play Store up to speed with the rest of Android


Google recently gave its Android Play Store a Material Design makeover, but the UI changes were strictly restricted to just app pages. New reports suggest the rest of the Play Store is in for an overhaul, with Google rolling out the 5.0 update in the run up to the launch of Android L.

Android Police has posted shots of a pre-release version of the Play Store 5.0 update, and it's clear that the redesign adheres to Google's Material Design guidelines. While the update isn't as big as the one we saw being rolled out this summer, it does touch upon every single UI element of the Play Store.

Bright colors, flat elements and an even bigger emphasis on pictures seems to be what Google is going for with the update, but it isn't anything that wasn't expected. Updates in terms of functionality suggests that users will be able to restore apps on a per-device basis, rather than every app downloaded through a given account.

Given the completeness of the update, it is expected that the Play Store 5.0 will go live sometime soon, however there's no official word from Google. With rumours suggesting the HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet will be launched on October 8, we expect Google to unveil Android L alongside it, meaning the Play Store update isn't too far.

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