Chrome For Android Now Answers Your Queries In Search Suggestions |

Chrome For Android Now Answers Your Queries In Search Suggestions

The new feature should make cheating in a quiz a lot easier


Google recently gave its Chrome for Android browser the Material Design treatment, but under the hood there weren't any real changes. Now however, Google is experimenting with a feature that will serve you with relevant answers right in auto suggestions-list that crops up every time you begin typing a query.

The suggestions-list has so far been most useful in predicting what you wanted to search, and even served up answers to basic math queries. The new feature will show you answers Google predicts you're about to search even before you've finished asking them.

No more are you just restricted to getting back simple math answers, but we tried searching the weather and other trivia questions and were served up with the right answer before even making the entire entry. While there will obviously be restrictions on the type of answers you get, the new feature will definitely come handy in a bit of quiz cheating.

Since its an experiment, the feature isn't turned on by default, however if you want to see it in action you can just follow these simple steps.

  1. Open a new tab

  2. Search “chrome://flags”

  3. Find the “Answers in suggest” flag

  4. Tap the dropbox and change the setting from “Default” to “Enable”

  5. Tap the “Relaunch” prompt at the bottom

Now whenever you begin Googling the answer to a question in the Omnibar, you should find your answer in the suggestions-list, saving you a few precious seconds. We found it worked best with queries related to the weather, trivia questions and searches related to dates.

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