Samsung Pips Apple In India For Tablet Sales |

Samsung Pips Apple In India For Tablet Sales

Samsung has bitten off a major chunk of the 1.58 lakh tablets sold in India.


Tablet penetration in the Indian metros has increased noticeably. The regularity with which one can spot these portable devices being whipped out at swanky coffee shops and first class train compartments alike is the best sign of this growing phenomenon. This is reaffirmed by a recent study on the Indian tablet scenario by CyberMedia Research.

According to CyberMedia's figures, 1.58 lakh tablets have been sold in the Indian market between October and June 2011. Olivepad was one of the first to herald tablet computing in India, which was followed by the first international player Samsung Galaxy Tab in October the same year. As expected, the iPad was quite late to crash the party in 2011, but tasted success in the Indian market nonetheless. However, it is Samsung that has pipped Apple to emerge as the best-selling tablet brand in India, all thanks to a well-timed price drop.

According to the research firm, the tablet range available in India has swollen to 27 models from 10 manufacturers as of today. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola XOOM, Apple iPad 2, and BlackBerry PlayBook are some of the well-known tablets on sale in the high-end range. The current tablet spectrum ranges from Rs 8000 to 47,000, but CyberMedia Research expects a major influx of tablets priced in the Rs 7000 to 15,000 segment.

Interestingly, Indians favour 7" tablets, while their OS of choice is Android 2.2 (Froyo). Moreover, the ratio between 3G and Wi-Fi devices is 70:30, with users clearly preferring the mobility of 3G despite the high tariffs. It seems Indian's aren't cheap after all - at least the tablet-savvy ones amongst us.

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