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Facebook's Blue Dinosaur Is Here To Sort Out Your Privacy Issues

It's sort of ironic that Facebook would choose a dinosaur to address the dinosaur in the room


Facebook has come under attack from users for having a hopelessly complicated set of privacy settings, but the company is now addressing the dinosaur in the room with, well, a dinosaur. Over the coming weeks, all users will go through a 'Privacy Checkup' which will run them through the most basic settings while being assisted by a cute blue dinosaur.

First news about Privacy Checkup broke in March when Facebook began testing the feature with a small set of users. Now however it's available to everyone, and if you don't want to wait for the company to introduce you to it, you could just check it out for yourself by clicking the privacy shortcut at the top right corner of Facebook.

The feature in no way runs you through the multitude of privacy settings on Facebook, but instead takes you through the main ones – who can see your posts, apps that have access to your account and who can view your profile information. Facebook has chosen a path of maximum impact, while keeping things as simple as possible.

Going through the Privacy Checkup won't take users more than a minute or two, but should educate them of the basic settings they have access to. For users looking to exert further control on who sees what, they're still going to have to dig deep within Facebook's insane privacy menu.

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