The Way Facebook Combats Clickbait Will Blow Your Mind! |

The Way Facebook Combats Clickbait Will Blow Your Mind!

Here's the lo-down on how the social media plans to eradicate unfunny cat videos from your News Feed


The only annoyance greater than irrelevant ads (or highly targeted ones) that fill your Facebook News Feed are those pesky clickbait articles. While the ads sure aren't going away, Facebook has said it will combat articles with puffed up headlines but lacking in any substantial content, by changing the way it prioritizes stories.

The social network will now check how quickly users come back to the site after clicking on a link, and also if they like or comment on the post when they return. If a large number of people exit the story rather quickly, Facebook uses that to identify that its mere clickbait, and severely downplays the story from everyone's News Feed.

Apart from this, Facebook is also pushing for publishers to use its preview-friendly link sharing format, which gives readers a better sense of what's contained within a post before clicking on it. The move could serve as a great win for users of the social network who have become increasingly reliant on it to serve them up with their daily news.

Facebook has been diverting a lot of its focus on serving users with News they want to read, and even took a page out of Twitter's book when it introduced its very own trending box. The company also launched its Paper app, which uses a beautiful UI to promote users to consume content, similar to what Flipboard has done.

Why does Facebook want us to consume news? The more time you spend on a social media, the more ads they can serve you up with, and with content consumption growing at a rapid pace, it's only logical from the company's point of view. Still, we aren't complaining that the company is combating the creators of clickbait, but we're afraid they'll just find a loophole within no time as they have so often done in the past.

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