Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 Could Come With A Ultrasonic Case

The case will be similar to that available for the Galaxy Core Advance, but should be smaller, given how impractical it would be if it wasn't.


A good solid spec sheet and great design aren't enough to woo consumers into buying smartphones these days, which is why manufacturers are turning to building some great accessories. Cases are a great way to make a phone whacky enough for receiving high praise, case and point being the HTC's Dot View case and the LG's circular window case for the G3.

Samsung too has picked up on this, but like everything the company does, they're looking to pack a whole lot of tech into their cases. According to SamMobile, Samsung is developing an ultrasonic cover for its upcoming Galaxy Note 4 phablet. Unlike other covers that are simply cool, Samsung's will help visually impaired users get around.

The cover works by emitting ultrasonic sound – too high in frequency for humans to hear – which bounces off objects in front of the user, alerting them of the obstacle. This isn't exactly a new development at Samsung, with the company releasing a similar case for the Galaxy Core Advanced that warns users of obstacles by vibrating and spoken words.

On the Core Advanced, the ultrasonic case had a protruding prong where all the smart bits were housed. On the Galaxy Note 4 however, it will be worth seeing how Samsung tackles the problem of not increasing the size of the device any further, given the Note 4 is already pretty large.

With the device expected to launch soon, we're really waiting to see what Samsung can bring to the market, other than solid specs and an improved design.

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