The iPad Air 2 Will Get 2GB Of RAM To Support A Split-Screen Function

The increased amount of RAM will supposedly be there to support the rumoured split-screen function on iOS 8.


With Apple getting ready to launch a hoard of new iOS devices, there's been increased focus on the amount of RAM the company employs to retain stutter-free performance of its phones and tablets. While a massive performance bump is expected, unlike the iPhone 6 which will ship with 1GB of RAM, a new leak suggests the upcoming iPad Air 2 will get double the amount of RAM at 2GB.

Apple has never been crazy on bumping up specifications with every iteration of its devices, but instead opts for optimizing processes very well. Any of today's high-end Android phones and tablets will blow the iPhone and iPad out of the water in terms of power, but when it comes to performance, the Apple devices are right up there.

The full-size Apple tablet has stuck with 1GB of RAM ever since the launch of the iPad 3, but a report coming from Taiwan's TechNews suggest that could be in for a revision. The 2GB of RAM could be necessary for the split-screen functionality Apple is rumored to bring in with iOS 8, that will undoubtedly tax the hardware a lot more.

According to the report however, the next-gen iPad Mini will not receive a bump in the amount of RAM, which will remain at 1GB. With Apple traditionally unveiling new iPads in October, it won't be long before the specifications get officially confirmed. For now though we can all be a little scared that Apple won't introduce the split-screen feature for the iPad Mini.

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