UC Browser Gets A Major Update; Adds Ad Blocker And More

A pretty handy set of features along with a revamped UI makes for a worthy update.


UC Browser has finally announced a big update for its Android browser. The update brings a revamped UI, some new features and a handy ad blocker which is said to deliver a complete ad-free web browsing experience for mobile.

While the last update added 'add ons' to the browser, this time around there is a lot more. The ad block is built right into the software and you don’t need to install an additional plugin for your browser. Clearly, the software gets the job done and will indeed reduce your data bills along with providing a clutter-free mobile browsing experience. Moreover, fewer ads mean less battery consumption, in short less power used for drawing new ones and more importantly less RAM usage for devices with less RAM.

The update will also lighten up your mobile web browsing by allowing you to literally customise the background of your web pages. You can choose from a number of themes or even select an image from your favourites to show up there instead of a plain white background.

As mentioned earlier there is also a UI overhaul that comes with version 9.2.2. This comes in the form a fresh UI with a new theme along with new icons to keeps things fresh.

If not for anything else it is certainly worth a try for those who are tired of ads ruining their web-browsing experience, be it on your tablet or smartphone.

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