The Orientation-Less Type-C USB Connector Is Almost Here |

The Orientation-Less Type-C USB Connector Is Almost Here

The new scheme makes for a truly reversible USB cable, that's also much smaller than the standard USB plug.


The USB connector as we know it is about to undergo a major overhaul, with the announcement of the new Type-C USB specification. The new scheme has been designed keeping in mind both mobile and desktop devices, and fixes many of the flaws with current USB connectors.

The new Type-C USB connector is similar in size to a micro USB plug, with one of its greatest advantages being its reversible design. That means users can ignore all orientation when having to plug in, as there won't be an up or down, and also both ends of the cable will feature the same plug.

"Representatives from the PC, mobile, automotive, and IoT industries have been knocking down our door anticipating this new standard," said Brad Saunders, Chairman of the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, according to TheVerge.

While the prospect of shifting to a new connector may scare a few people, the newly defined USB specification has defined adapters for existing devices. That means you'll still be able to plug in your shiny new smartphone featuring a Type-C USB adapter to your age old desktop, though you'll lose the lack of orientation benefits.

Earlier reports suggest we could begin seeing the Type-C USB adapters being on devices as soon as the end of this year. Don't however expect devices like desktops and laptops to do away with the older USB adapters soon. It will take some time for the new connectors to become truly universal, and while the change might seem like a small one, its impact on the tech world are huge.

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