Shazam Releases A Handy Desktop Application For Mac |

Shazam Releases A Handy Desktop Application For Mac

Will recognise music no matter where it is playing on your system.


Shazam is indeed a handy app both on mobile and on your tablet, helping you identify music that someone else is playing or even stuff that is playing on the radio. Shazam got Windows covered as well, with an app that recognizes music for Windows Desktops and Tablets as well after first letting out apps for Android and iOS. Now your Mac is not alone any more as the company has finally developed a Mac application for the same.

The app is simple and apart from being able to activate and work with it from your desktop, will also work in the background. What we mean by this, is that the app will run in the background and immediately prompt you with a small notification when something happens to be playing on your Mac.

“Shazam on mobile instantaneously answers fans' questions about what's playing around them, at the touch of a button.  The magic of Shazam for Mac, is that it anticipates and answers these questions before they're even asked,” said Shazam Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker.

The system instantly recognizes music no matter where the source is, be it an app, music from your own system or even the web browser. It will keep showing you recognition results and you wont need to keep track of them as they would be present in the stack when you launch the app, all without ever reaching for your phone.

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