HERE Maps For Windows 8.1 Gets A Big Update; Available Globally |

HERE Maps For Windows 8.1 Gets A Big Update; Available Globally

One of the leading providers of mapping solutions for the Windows space gets a host of new features.


HERE Maps isn’t the only mapping services provider in the Windows Store, but clearly is the best choice available so far if you happen to own a Windows 8.1 tablet. Well, Nokia has just issued a big update that brings some much-needed features and some drastic improvements to the app.

Probably the biggest highlight of the update, is that it the app is now available globally. Apart from this its the addition of waypoints and manual positioning that makes the big update worthwhile.

Waypoints will actually help you plan your route better, you can drag and drop and adjust points on your automatically set route to include the places that you want to cover as well. The feature was available on Google Maps for long and finally after a lot of user requests has made it to the HERE Maps app. As of now, you can add up to 8 waypoints on your route. Nokia also added the ability to manually add your home position with the update. It is indeed a must especially for those running Windows 8.1 on non-tablet devices including desktops and even many laptops that lack a GPS module.

The New City and Explore pages also seem to be revamped with more relevant information, including the current weather conditions.

All in all a handy update if you happen to use the app on your Windows 8.1 device. Lets just hope that we see some of these improvements trickle down to the Windows Phone app as well.

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