Now Control Your Tesla Model S Via Your Android Wear Smartwatch |

Now Control Your Tesla Model S Via Your Android Wear Smartwatch

Given that the Model S costs $86,000 a pop, the days of controling your car with a watch aren't here yet.


American all-electric car maker Tesla is at the forefront of bringing together the technology and automotive worlds for quite some time now. The company's latest party trick allows users to controls their $86,000 Model S with an Android Wear smartwatch.

While that may sound amazing (and dangerous), the only things owners will be able to do with their smartwatches is - Lock and unlock the doors, open and close the sunroof, and honk the horn. The exact same functions can be performed through the Tesla smartphone app, so the Android Wear app is an obvious extension.

Owners of the Model S will in no way be able to control their cars via their wristgear, but the new functionality definitely has its benefits. Say for example your hands are full with bags after your stop at the supermarket, removing your phone from your pocket or bag could be tedious, and using your smartwatch to unlock the doors would be great.

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The only problem we see so far with the app has nothing to do with it, but more to do with the lack of a large user base. At $86,000 a pop, the Model S is not cheap, and given that Android Wear devices have just gotten here that user base is most likely pretty tiny.

For all us regular folk who've dreamed of talking to our cars via a watch, sorry, that day isn't here yet. Still, if you own a Model S and an Android Wear device, you can download the control app from here.

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