A New Cheap Software To Provide Realtime Traffic Data

The technology uses bluetooth to connet devices together


There are people in India, who already rely on Google Navigation to find the best route at that point of time. A few of the Indian cities’ traffic department too have an app of their own, but the traffic snarls still remain to be the most dreaded either while going to office or while returning.

The Researchers at the University of Granada have found a new way to provide real time data on traffic. It is a software meant for drivers and other consumers, that provides information between cities to help them drive faster to reach their destinations.

 The idea is to use Bluetooth devices to connect together – this not only is reliable method, but also is a low-cost method. These devices collect real time data on road traffic and then, send it to a central server. The information collected is processed using “complex data mining algorithms, evolutionary computing and neuronal networks, with the aim of providing users with information and predictions on the density and flow of traffic on any given route,” says Phys where gist of the paper has been shared.

 The devices capture the waves emitted by different technology components that already incorporated in vehicles, accessories incorporating the user to a vehicle (GPS or handsfree kit) and mobile phones that carry their own occupants.

From the point of view of data privacy, the investigators note that the data collected "are not associated with any user, since there is no information that enables the identification of the data collected with a particular person." This use of encryption technologies that make it impossible to identify the MAC of the wireless device, with minimal intrusiveness upon data collection is done.


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