AirType Promises To Revolutionize Typing |

AirType Promises To Revolutionize Typing

The product when ready will literally allow you to type in the air or on a surface and register keystrokes accurately.


We have seen them in sci-fi movies, and hoped that someday we would be able to type stuff down by just thinking about it. Well, AirType is not going to tap into your brainwaves just yet, but it can achieve the same by following your finger movements, letting you even type in the air if you need to.

The company located in Austin, Texas has not yet revealed how the technology works, but you will need to strap on a pair of bands to your hands to do the same. The concept looks pretty promising and the devices look like something out of a Star Wars movie; yet we guess this has something to do with sonar or similar to what Leap Motion has achieved with their Leap Motion Controller.

AirType will not only follow and adapt to your keystrokes, but will also auto correct what you’re typing thanks to its accompanying app for devices. We will warn you though; the future of typing will indeed lacks tactile feedback. Still then, the concept is pretty neat and we are interested to see if the company gets it right. If they do, the typing accessory will indeed revolutionise typing which has remained the same for over 150 years.


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