Microsoft’s Project Adam Is More Brain And Less Software

Project Adam has been designed to learn; Cortana is about to get a whole lot smarter.


Microsoft Research is always up to something. This time around they have come up with something pretty much out of the box in the form of an image recognition system called Project Adam. For starters, Project Adam is unlike Google’s Image search or Google Goggles; because it learns and can easily distinguish even between variants of objects.

The software is supposedly up to 50 times faster than current image recognition systems in the industry and can works in a completely different way. Yes, it does source its memories from a massive data bank, but what it does differently, is learning.

The system is capable of distinguishing between dog breeds even if they are of the same colour and almost identical. It does this by not looking at the entire picture, but by looking at parts of the images that do not show matches when it looks up into its data banks. This allows Project Adam to identify even the minutest of details and tap into a massive data bank before coming up with an answer. The video below gives us a clear demo of the system and if you look closely, it already works via Cortana.

Project Adam will even be able to recognize what you are eating and how many calories your snack contains by just clicking a picture of your snack. More importantly this would also work well in the medical field where the symptoms of signs of disease are more visual.

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