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Hicon Wristband: A Simpler Approach To Smartphone Notifications

Uses simple blinking LEDs to make help you reduce the number of times you reach for your smartphone.


If you are one of those who check their smartphones every few minutes just to realise that it is a useless notification, well the Hicon wristband is the perfect fit for you. The IndiGoGo campaign, states that most smartphone users check their smartphones about 150 times a day just to realise that its a notification from an app that is unimportant to them. So they developed a wristband that will let you know which notification is showing up on your smartphone with the blinking of a simple LED.

The wearable is a simple waterproof and dust proof wristband and looks similar to the fitness bands that most people wear on a day to day basis. What this band does is it allows you to customise which social networks you want to prioritise, by simply switching the LED blocks on it.

So if you think you want to be notified only for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN, then you can only keep those blocks on while popping out the rest. When you receive a notification from Facebook, you can simply choose to ignore it if you prioritize Twitter over Facebook; without the need to check into your phone about which notification just showed up.

It sounds like a simpler approach to prioritising one notification from another but the Hicon smartband can pull off a few more tricks. Since it is a social wristband, it can even begin blinking, based on GPS positioning and other gizmos on your phone, when someone of similar interests is around. You make friends online by simply bumping fists with one another. Next up, it gets practical as well, when all the LEDs blink to alert you if you happen to leave your phone behind.

Makes pretty good sense but the IndieGoGo campaign demands $49 if you want to be one of the lucky few to own one, once it hits production. Then again, the friends feature mentioned above makes very little sense if fad does not catch on.

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