First Image Of Sony’s Curved Image Sensor Surfaces |

First Image Of Sony’s Curved Image Sensor Surfaces

With progress being made, the company is apparently gearing up for mass production as well.


The first image of from Sony’s curved CMOS sensor has finally surfaced online and clearly there is not much that can be done or said about it. What it indicates is that Sony is pretty sure that the technology works and is effective compared to the standard sensors that are now used in everything from mobile phones to professional cameras.

The image looks like your typical image with no camera trick whatsoever. Nikkei said that the technology shows no visible vignetting and aberration in corners and also delivers less noise. The point here is that Sony thinks that it actually makes sense and according to sources is all geared up for mass production as well.

Clearly Sony sees a benefit from the curved sensors. It was earlier said to be working on two types of sensors, a full-size (43mm) one for cameras and another smaller chip (11mm) for smartphones.

The curved sensor mimics the human eye and allows light rays entering the unit to hit the sensor straight on, rather than at an angle creating distortion. This is visible more so when clicking images on smartphones and even cameras where the image appears blurry at the edges.

Sony’s claims that their technology is 1.4x sensitive at the centre of the sensor while being twice as sensitive at the edge. Again, the new set up allows for simpler lens lay out and which leads to better sensitivity as well. Think slimmer smartphones for Sony and the rest of the industry as well. The only problem with the curved sensor so far has been that is extremely difficult to build zoom lenses for it. While this may not be a problem for smartphone cameras, it will be a big one for the point and shoot and the professional ones.

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