Apple Hires VP Sales Of Tag Heuer For iWatch; Eyes Big Marketshare

What happened to Jonathan Ive? Well, he is still in charge of design.


We think its called the ‘Apple Way’. You want to build something new? Hire the best that industry has to offer. Apple has done just that by hiring the VP of sales at Tag Heuer, Patrick Pruniaux for its upcoming iWatch.

The company seems to want to get the recipe just right; similar to the iPhone, which according to Apple (and its users) is the best smartphone experience you can have. While Jonathan Ive will still be in charge of designing the best smartwatch the world is yet to see, Pruniaux in all probability will be adding his much-needed experience in selling the product; helping to build a platform for the iconic product from Apple.

Is this going to be a threat for Pruniaux’ previous firm? Well, not exactly. The iWatch will be a product for the masses, while as we all know, Tag Heuer and Hublot, clearly aren’t. Apple has the expertise in delivering a connected software experience for the iWatch, but may lack the guidelines that are needed to make a successful watch practical to use.

With Tag Heuer’s Patrick Pruniaux stepping in, it is pretty clear that Apple is still working on the iWatch, and that there will indeed be a longer wait, till the company shows it off to the public. 

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