The Genius KM 200 Combo Is Cheap And Spill-Proof

Water-resistant keyboard and 800 dpi mouse priced at Rs 800.


Have you ever hurled onto your keyboard after watching something unsavoury on the internet? Neither have I, but just in case you're about to watch something awful or are just plain clumsy with your drink, you might want to check out the KM 200 keyboard combo from Genius. The KB-M200 wired keyboard claims to be spill-proof and comes in USB as well as the legacy PS/2 flavour. It also features a low-profile keycap structure for easier keypresses, in addition to eight hotkeys for internet and playback control. The bundle includes an 800 dpi Netscroll 120 optical mouse, which is just your average garden variety mouse. Nothing special here.

As Mr. Ford famously put it, the combo can be had in any color you like, as long as it's black. Both devices have the features of entry-level offerings, which is expected at an MRP of Rs 800 for the USB version and Rs 750 for the PS/2 one. Hopefully, the street price will be set sensibly, considering the fact that you can buy an entry-level Logitech keyboard combo for Rs 650 off the street these days. The Genius bundle is backed by an ample warranty period of three years.

Genius KM 200 Combo Is Cheap And Spill-Proof

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