Lenovo, Lava, Swipe To Release 4G-LTE Tablets By 2014

The companies are looking to be the first players when 4G is introduced in India


Despite the increase in the number of data users in India, the country is lagging behind in technology and 3G is yet to be available throughout the country. This hasn’t stopped the companies from introducing next generation devices and companies like Lenevo, Lava and Swipe Telecom may be introducing the 4G LTE-enabled tablets as early as this year.

According to a report in Ecomomic Times, the companies are expecting the 4G LTE technology to come to India in near future and are looking to be the first players in the segment.

While Lenovo is expected to launch a few high-end tablets, Lava and Swipe are looking at the affordable price segment.

The report also suggested that the analysts were expecting the mass adoption of 4G in another two years. The 4G allows the users to download at speeds 10 times faster than 3G, thus enhancing the ability to use video streaming and online gaming.

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