Smartphone Screens Will Soon Be As Smart As The Bits Underneath |

Smartphone Screens Will Soon Be As Smart As The Bits Underneath

The technology uses transparent sensors embeded into the screen that can detect changes in light.


Researchers at Polytechnique Montreal have developed transparent sensors that sit under a smartphone's scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass that can track changes in ambient light. Due to this, screens could begin to perform functions that would otherwise require extra sensors and other hardware.

According to Engadget, the new technology uses etched optical waveguides right into the display, allowing for your smartphone's screen to check the temperature using incident light. Other uses could improve security where manufacturers could embed unique optical patterns into the glass, allowing the phone to identify itself.

There are several other advantages to the technology, such as being able to stack multiple waveguides on top of each other and eventually multiple sensors, all without hindering the transparency of the glass. This could eventually open up a world full of transparent electronics.

The researchers claim the technology will be production ready within a year and is aggressively looking to find manufacturers to back their innovations. Despite one researcher in the team being from Corning themselves, the company so far hasn't indicated if it wants to adopt the tech.

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