Get Ready For Android Gaming On Your PC Or Tablet With Console OS |

Get Ready For Android Gaming On Your PC Or Tablet With Console OS

Kickstarter campaign dreams of running Android on your PC along with Windows.


Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. thinks that there is indeed a market for a dual-boot OS that will allow you to switch from Android to Windows on the fly and allow you to run your PC on Android. Sounds pretty interesting as Console OS (as the devs call it) will actually be able to run as the primary OS on your PC or Tablet, giving you the power to run all those cool Android apps on a bigger screen.

The company plans to use proprietary code and deliver a smooth Android experience for your desktop which will deliver full Android KitKat compatibility and will be able to Run two Android apps side by side as well. Expect full OpenGL ES 3 & 3.1 support so there will be a lag-free experience unlike many emulators and even Android devices that are available today.

What’s more is that the OS will be designed for OEMs, which means you could expect more manufacturers out there to include the same in their systems . This is unlike the Asus’ Transformer series which is basically glues two Operating Systems together giving you the ability to run just one at a time (even though you can switch on the fly).

Interestingly, Console OS will also come with Google Play Store support and have its own App store as well. Let’s hope that the OS makes it to its Kickstarter goal which is about 50,000 USD by the 11th of August this year because we are all pretty excited to see a company, bridge the wide gap between our mobile phone and PC ecosystems.

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