iOS 7 is not secure: Bug Lets Hackers Bypass Lock-Screen In Just 5 Secs |

iOS 7 is not secure: Bug Lets Hackers Bypass Lock-Screen In Just 5 Secs

Your best defence until Apple releases a bug fix is to disable Control Centre access from the lock-screen.


Vancover-based YouTuber EverythingApplePro has found yet another security flaw in devices running iOS 7, allowing hackers to bypass the lock screen. The bug gives anyone with physical access to an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 7 the ability to skip the default authentication screen and access apps running in the foreground.

For this method to work, the device will have to have access to the Control Center from the lock screen enabled. The other requirement is having a miss call notification which is easy enough to do.

The hacker will need to access the Control Center and turn on the flight mode, after which pulling down the notification bar and clicking on the missed call notification gives him/her access to any apps running in the foreground.

While full entry into iOS 7 isn't possible through this method, any apps running before the phone was locked can be accessed. This isn't the first time lock-screen security on an iOS device has been compromised, but for this particular hack to work, the steps need to be carried out in a particular order.

Apple is yet to provide a comment on the security flaw meaning it isn't clear when the bug will be fixed. 9To5Mac has tested the method and confirmed that it works with devices running either iOS versions 7.0.6 and 7.1.1. They recommend that until Apple fixes the bug, the best defense is to disable Control Center access on the lock screen.

Have you tried out if this method of bypassing the lock-screen on your iOS 7 device works? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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